Meet the Characters

Granny Butterfly, who is a Red Admiral Butterfly, is very special to all the other Butterflies as she was the first Butterfly to discover Honeysuckle Meadow and that it is such a magical place to live, as everyone that lives there are completely safe and live for a very long time.

Barnaby, who is a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly, is easily distracted and gets bored very easily.

Basil, who is a Common Grayling Butterfly, is very fussy when it comes to eating and only eats Basil!

Beatrice, who is a Holly Blue Butterfly, is kind and helpful and is always willing to help the other butterflies out.

Belinda, who is a Painted Lady Butterfly, is very motherly.

, who is a Peacock Butterfly, is full of her own importance and does not have any concern on how the other butterflies feel.

Bertie, who is a Small Copper Butterfly, is very bossy and could spoil the adventure for all of the other butterflies.

Bertrum, who is a Clouded Yellow Butterfly, is adventurous and likes doing things he is not supposed to do. That is why he is the first butterfly to leave Honeysuckle Meadow for an adventure.

Betsy, who is a Little Blue Butterfly, is sweet and tiny.

Bluebell, who is a Common Blue Butterfly, is quite forgetful and even gets lost in Bluebell Woods!

Bobby, who is an Orange Tip Butterfly, is caring and makes a great friend to the other butterflies.

Boris, who is a Purple Emperor Butterfly, is rather clumsy and gets into a lot of trouble.