About the Author

Dedicated to my late mother, Evelyn.

“Before she died, she always said that when she did, she would come back as a butterfly. So when my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren visit her grave they always say “We are going to see Granny Butterfly”. This is what inspired me to write a children’s book with that title.”

Jean French was born in Stanhill Village, Lancashire and lived in Kent, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire before moving to the Isle of Wight in 1975. It is on the Island that she met and married her husband, Roger, in 1982.

After selling their business in 1993, they retired and moved to their villa in the Costa Blanca, Spain, where they lived for 18 years.

Jean and Roger returned to the Island in 2011 to be with their family of five children, eleven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.